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WARNING: Our machine is copied in China. DO NOT BUY the copied machine in CHINA if you need poor quality machine.



Your Leading Machine of Tube Machines + Metal Working Machine @ Taiwan


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ALL of our parts/components of the machines are all made in GERMANY, JAPAN & Taiwan. All of our machines are made in TAIWAN or by TAIWANESE. So our QUALITY is different with China machine. Our price is cheaper than European & Japanese machines, & our quality is same with European & Japanese machines. Taiwan Machine Price & European (Germany/Italy...) Machine Quality.

CisFun Technology Corp. founded in 1985, is a leading and famous manufacturer of specialized in Punching Machine, METAL FORMING MACHINE, CNC, NC & Conventional Type Metal, Pipe Tube Bending Machinery, Tube/Pipe Process/Processing Machines..... We have earned an excellent reputation in both domestic & international market in the past two decades.


With the 23 years more of experiences in selling more than 15,000 sets of Punching Machines & tube benders & METAL FORMING MACHINE, we can meet the market requirements in every aspect. Our R & D engineers can modify the machine for special demands from our clients & our service engineers offer a instant after-service upon request.

Our R&D division engineers are not only to develop the software to meet the global customer different requirements, but also revise and upgrade the existing software to be more efficient and friendly-use. We consistent goal is to provide all the clients could operate our tube bender as easy as possible.

We always believe that "Customer's business is our
Business." We provide a 24 hours nonstop after service to all customers in the world. You are not only buy the machine from us, you buy TUBE-BENDING/METAL FORMING technology and tooling know-how as well.


Door Handle

Bend Tubes


Flange Forming

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Wrought Iron Furniture



Our tube machinery is designed to process tubes that are used widely in aircraft, transportation equipment (including tankers), buildings (including exterior wall cladding and escalators), tunnel engineering, furniture, refrigerating and air-conditioning products, sports equipment, entertainment facilities, power plants, petroleum-related equipment, water piping, sewage treatment facilities, landscaping, bridges, and autos, motorcycles and bicycles, as well as in the chemical engineering, iron processing, and fertilizer-making industries. The complete range of NC & CNC Pipe Bending Machines can meet the various requirements for the following industries:


Dustlessness room

Collection dust barrel, Collection dust tube, Collection dust can


For Automobile/Motorcycle/Bicycle-Exhaust Pipe, Brake & Fuel-piping, Steering Wheel, Air Conditioner Piping, Seat, Balancer, Bumper, Window Frame, Handle Bar, Car Body Frame etc.

Indoor/Outdoor Furniture, WROUGHT IRON Furniture, Lighting Fixtures, Office Furniture, Racks, Beds etc.

Exercise Equipment, Baby Cradle/Stroller, Entertainment Equipment etc.

Heating / Cooling:
Water Heater, Heater, Gas Stove, Air Conditioner, Refrigerator etc.

Heavy Industry:
Piping for Boiler, Electricity Factory, Chemical Engineering, Diesel Engine, Shipbuilding etc.

1. Home Applications, Hospital Equipment, Bathroom Accessories, Decoration Industry Architecture, Farming, Aircraft, Arms etc.

2. Pool Fencing: rectangle Mild steel punched straight through the tube with minimal deformation

3. Electricity Tower/Electricity Pole/Electrical Tower

4. Lighting Pole

5. Special Applications:

  • heat exchanger applications
  • air-conditioning
  • heating
  • refrigeration
  • solar energy
  • automotive gasoline and brake lines
  • automotive heat exchanger tubing
  • hydraulic tubing

Automotive applications

Fuel rails and components
Brake tubings
Power steering tubings
Pollution control (lade sensor)
Air conditioning charge ports
Cooling tubes
Air conditioning heat exchanger
Intake and exhaust manifolds



Heat exchanger manifolds
Heat recovery systems
Cooling tubes for refrigerators
Washing machines
"U" bends
Radiant Heating
Solar systems
Heat pumps Heating elements, boiler tubes


T-fittings [Butt-welded joints]
Flanges [flanging]
Copper fitting


Commercial Shipyards [collaring] [flanging]
Naval Shipbuilding - Surface vessels [collaring] [flanging]
Naval Shipbuilding - Submarines [collaring] [flanging]
Marine engines [collaring] [flanging]
Heat exchangers [collaring] [flanging]

St. Steel Pipe Fabrication

A. Industrial projects:
Dairy Industrial projects [collaring] [flanging]
Food Processing Industry, breweries [collaring] [flanging]
Paper and pulp Industries [collaring] [flanging]
Chemical Industries [collaring] [flanging]
Pharmaceutical [collaring] [flanging]
Water treatment, desalination, sewer plants [collaring] [flanging]
Switchgear Housing (SF-6 Gas Insulated gear) [collaring]
Reverse Osmosis [collaring] [flanging]
Filtration, Ultra-filtration [collaring]
UV Disinfection [collaring]
Pump Skids [collaring]

B. Manufacturing:
Dairy equipment [collaring] [flanging]
Food processing equipment [collaring] [flanging]
Paper and pulp processes [collaring] [flanging]
Vacuum apparatus [collaring] [flanging]
Filters [collaring] [flanging]
Transportation industry (exhaust systems) [collaring] [flanging]
St. Steel fittings manufacturing [collaring] [flanging]
Refrigeration systems (Oil coolers) [collaring] [flanging]
Fertilizer industry (mixing silos, etc.) [collaring] [flanging]
Furniture manufacturing [collaring] [flanging]

Construction of Buildings

Pre-fabricated piping for buildings with several stories. This system is used by Japanese and South-Korean construction companies for last 10 years. When do Europe and US firms finds the advantages of this? [TEE-Forming] [Flanging]




1. Pool Fencing: rectangle Mild steel punched straight through the tube with minimal deformation

2. Electricity Tower/Electricity Pole/Electrical Tower

3. Distributor; Power Panel; Switchboard; Distribution Board






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